Time for one more Body in Action … the episode is more than special! Tune in with Ariane and Ronald for first Brazilian Championship of MDPL roundtable, about a different football match!Good laughs, fun and, of course, precious tips to your well-being guaranteed! And you, already know what is MDPL? Don’t miss it!


Technical information:
Script, filming and editing: Caroline Marques, Celso Alexandre, Danielle Cestaro, Fábio Fernandes, Leonardo Marques, Lucas PKTA, Nilza Marques
Special guests: Adriana Buenno, Alessandro Oliveira, Ana Gabriela de Castro, Alan F. Oliveira, Charles Ferreira, Gustavo Guerra, Larissa Porto, Rafael Hungria, Urandir F. Oliveira
Transcription: Magdha Alvarenga
Translation: To be defined
Song: “Payday”, author Jason Farnham  (YouTube audio library)