Who, in fact, was Mary Magdalene? With a history full of myths and half-truths, the story of this woman surprises by strength, partnership and fascination. Confident, interlocutor, articulate, seductive, she overcame what fate seemed to have traced to remake her trajectory alongside the man she most admired! Do not miss this exciting story, in Carlos Roberto’s vision!



Roteiro, Gravação, Edição: André Mattos, Caroline Marques, Celso Jr, Danielle Cestaro, Gustavo Silva, Leonardo Marques, Nilza Marques
Conteúdo e pesquisa: Carlos Roberto
Transcrição: Cláudia Bandeira
Músicas:“Wish you’d come true”, de 126ers e “Infinite perspective” de Kevin MacLeod (ambas da Audioteca YouTube)