Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of so many crises set in simultaneously and in so many different countries? Accompany the reflections of Felipe Castelo Branco, who argues that the crisis is a mechanism of mass control. The greater the crisis condition, the greater the fear condition and the servile posture of the population. Time to question yourself in this new episode!


Technical information:
Filming and editing: Caroline Marques, Celso Alexandre, Danielle Cestaro, Frederico Campos, Leonardo Marques, Nilza Marques
Content and research: Felipe Castelo Branco
Transcription: Magdha Alvarenga
Translation: Laurene Caldeira (English), Marisol Toledo (Spanish), Elizabeth Toledo (French), Teresa Chimento (Italian)
Songs: “Essence”, author Audionautix e “Klock Worx”, author Kevin MacLeod (both from YouTube audio library)