Our destination of the month is Mexico! Time to be enchanted with paradisiacal beaches contrasting with pyramids and other incredible monuments. Do not miss the opportunity to know more about Mexico City, which has a distant history of grandeur, long before it was recognized as the capital of modern Mexico. With Victor and Loiva, on a new journey of great knowledge for you!


Technical information:
Script, filming and editing: Caroline Marques, Celso Alexandre, Danielle Cestaro, Juanilson de Oliveira, Leonardo Marques, Nilza Marques
Content and research: Loiva Bertol e Victor Culanys
Translation: André Coelho (English), Anna Carolina Danieletto (Spanish), Elizabeth Toledo (French), Teresa Chimento (Italian)
Songs: “A Long Cold”, author Riot e “Cumbia No Frills Faster”, author Kevin MacLeod (both from Youtube audio library)