Lilarial Science… the term may seem new, but you have probably experienced or visualized evidence supporting this theory. Do not miss the opportunity to broaden your view of the world with this TVCH Interview. Our guest, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, will address the concepts related to this new science, as well as its reflections in other areas of knowledge. Check it out!


Technical information:
Script, filming and editing: Caroline Marques, Celso Alexandre, Frederico Campos, Leonardo Marques, Nilza Marques
Content and research: Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira
Transcription: Cláudia Bandeira
Translation: Maite Bernal (Spanish), Elizabeth Toledo (French), Vincent Vroomans (Dutch), Débora Souza (English), Teresa Chimento (Italian)
Song: Música: “Sunday Plans”, author Silent Partner (YouTube audio library)