The story of Goliath, a giant of Bible narrative, makes a new reference to the Nephilim, a hybrid race that suggests being a classic evidence that we have had very different civilizations present on Earth. Follow this passage, which became famous for the victory of David, with Cassio!


Technical information:
Script, filming and editing: Caroline Marques, Celso Alexandre, Danielle Cestaro, Frederico Campos, Juanilson de Oliveira, Leonardo Marques, Nilza Marques
Content and research: Cássio Eduardo
Transcription: Cláudia Bandeira
Translation: Elizabeth Toledo (French), Teresa Chimento (Italian), Débora Souza (English), Anna Carolina Danieletto (Spanish)
Songs: “Epic Unease”, author Kevin MacLeod e “Babylon – Disco Ultralounge”, author Kevin MacLeod (both from YouTube audio library)